1990. My War

1990. My War

В собраниях сочинений разных известных людей регулярно попадаются письма, которыми они обменивались с современниками. Даже отдаленно не претендуя ни на какое величие, а чисто забавы ради, публикую здесь немного своей переписки на английском языке.

2019. Sergey:

Fuckin shit. There is whole universe with a lot of cool girls but I have nobody to speak english but you. I would like it was pretty girl but my karma is old guitar star as usual. Fuckin shit. I was at school meeting today. Do you remember what is school or it's question not for your age people? I saw the girls who are not girls now. And not so pretty like at my childhood. So I have all reasons to say one more time. Fuckin shit.

I was not a hooligan kid. Just a crazy kid. I remember how teacher said that he has to leave for couple minutes, and asked "please don't jump on the tables that time". Why did he say it? Dumb bastard. I jumped at the table and he was wonder to see it after going back. It was USSR. Everything was mad about war. We had lessons of war at school. History, literature, mathematic and war for beginners. It's not joke. Ordinary USSR.

Our teachers explained us how to hate Americans. Now I am old and know that nobody hates Americans like Americans. They made "Kill Em All", "Fighting Club" and other pieces of art like Tarantino movies. The war teacher was the one who had more hurt from me. He was old submarine's guy with a big mustache. Named Julian son of Platon. Once we had lesson of shooting by gun in school cellar and I gave my guys the idea to shoot to big plastic bottle with something stinky. It was his toilet as we understood later. He was very angry after it.

Our war teacher (left) about 40 years before meeting me.

Next time he learned us to throw grenades and I said to guys to wave by empty hands without grenades and bring the grenades after. We beaten all world records for distance of throwing grenades at ten minutes. It was fun. And he spoke about chance of getting award from war office. And he became real mad from it and going to hospital as I heard. Poor old one (1929-2001). I was a bad kid and now very sorry about that.

2019. Steve:

And you still make this old guy laugh!!!! I wish I could have been school student with you. We would have made many things that would get us kicked out of school, and perhaps USSR. All the best. S.

2019. Steve next day after the message. Photo by his FB.